In an effort to expand our message of good horsemanship through correct groundwork and flatwork, we plan to offer one or two week sessions throughout the year in addition to Robyn Miller’s Wednesday workshops. These intense comprehensive programs will allow participants to totally immerse themselves in learning from the ground up. Sessions can be repeated as often as desired.

Riders will work with Robyn and Steve Thaemert with their own horses if applicable plus horses of ours. Everyone will be doing groundwork, riding, observing and be involved in all aspects of daily horsemanship. When available, I will teach jumping sessions if desired to connect the dots between the groundwork and everything we do with our horses, but the focus will be on the groundwork, flat and horsemanship.

Email Melanie at or Robyn at for pricing information and scheduling options.

We look forward to hosting riders interested in total immersion of good horsemanship as we know it. Come on down if you can!