Announcing additional dates for our Wildwood Horsemanship Short Courses! We have had a nice response so have added two weeks in May to our 2020 schedule so far. Riders may come one or both weeks: May 11-16 and 18-23.

In these short courses we will teach and help you practice the fundamental principles of horsemanship that are universal to every successful horse and human partnership regardless of the specific discipline.

We focus on the importance of gaining the horse’s willingness to be directed by us. We begin with groundwork and show how those exercises directly relate to the use of the aids in mounted work. You will learn that all the same exercises correspond and can be practiced for success in the hunter/jumper disciplines.

Come join us and enjoy developing a more willing and confident connection with your horse because you will be working together in better balance.

Email Melanie at or Robyn at for pricing information and scheduling options.