I am here at the NBC Sports Group center in Stamford, Connecticut, where 60% of the Olympic sports are announced.  All video from Rio is transmitted by fiber optic cables to this 200,000 square foot facility, where it is edited and broadcast over the NBC channels and streamed live over the internet.  The building contains over 1,000 miles of broadcast and networking cables!

Shuttle CP

My shuttle between the hotel and the center



The lobby of our building


2 3 1

Broadcast Operations, where all the Rio video is constantly monitored and routed


IMG_0094 P

An early morning shot when I first arrived – before the Olympics started – the “calm before the storm!”   There are 6 on-air studios, 6 control rooms, 100 graphic suites and edit rooms – over 250 producers reside in the mezzanines

IMG_0164 PC

TVs everywhere showing Equestrian as one of the sports airing



Wardrobe – for the announcers and commentators who appear on the air



Makeup – those announcers must look sharp!



Hallway with studios – where we are located during our on-air commentary


2 people CP

Our fearless leader, producer Amy Zimmerman with her assistant producer Dave Jannety


1 person CP

Jamie Saults – our statistician – on the floor in my booth ready to spread out all her pages of info!  Jamie has worked every Olympics since 1984



Photo of Randy Moss and me “at work.”  Amy, our producer, is reflected in the glass



Thank you for letting me share “my home for the Rio Olympics” with you!