The Central Park Horse Show got underway tonight for the Jumpers with a speed class.  All horses were required to show to be eligible for the Grand Prix tomorrow. This is probably a good thing as the ring is quite an eye opener with the NYC skyline in the background!

McLain Ward was the slickest of all on HH Carlos Z, cruising around to win by a few seconds. Tomorrow night should be an exciting class with 34 entries!

This facility for the show was put together in 5 days.  A drainage layer and then special footing was laid on top of the Wollman rink. VIP stands and spectator seating – which also give you a view of the Plaza Hotel – were erected for several thousand. The stabling and warm up areas are quite a long way from the in-gate but heck, who wouldn’t enjoy a nice walk in Central Park?!


McLain’s victory gallop


Schooling with barn area behind


Show ring from media center


Entrane to VIP area