What a fun weekend I had giving a clinic at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.  Many of the riders attend either Sweet Briar or nearby Lynchburg College and are getting ready for Regional and National Championships.  Other participants came from around the state.


IMG_2203 P

Mimi Wroten, Louise Goodling and Lizzie Fisch run a well organized program, sharing teaching and coaching duties. The horses are top quality and the students eager to learn and absorb new things – there were also interested alumni auditing each day.  Above is a picture of one of the groups with Louise, Mimi and me on foot.


IMG_2198 P


IMG_2196 P

Randall Wiseman Carty and her 5 yr old Swish

IMG_2190 P

The 3,000 acre campus of Sweet Briar is one of the most beautiful sites for a riding program I could possibly imagine.  It has huge fields littered with cross country jumps, riding and foot trails through the woods and up and down the rolling hills, many outside rings as well as an expansive indoor ring along with pastures and paddocks galore for turnout.  Almost makes me want to go back to school…  but too late for that!