Wow… what a day of show jumping!  After Round 1 of Team Jumping, 4 teams – USA, NED, BRA and GER  – are tied on zero.  France is in 5th with 1 time fault which is killer for them.   After the competition I spoke with Bill Steinkraus (Gold Medalist in 1968) and he remarked, “Riders at this level should not have time faults.  Can’t they watch and emulate the other riders?”  Anyone who knows me knows how much I also detest time faults.  Historically, time faults have cost teams a medal in the Olympic Games and major championships.  You cannot control a rail coming down, but you can control your speed and the track you ride between fences.

McLain Ward C  Lucy Davis C

Kent Farrington C  Beezie Madden 2 C

Fingers crossed for tomorrow for Team USA!  Go Kent, Lucy, McLain, and Beezie..  Ride well and win big!