My Home for the Olympics!

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Thursday was my introduction to the NBC Sports studios here in Stamford, Connecticut where 60% of the Olympic sports are being called. The days preceding the start of competition are hectic for me, full of continuous research on all the horses and riders, and rehearsals in the sound booths – making sure everything is working for both the live streaming …

The Countdown to Rio begins

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The Three Day Teams begin their quests for medals in Rio this Saturday, August 5 with the first day of Eventing Dressage. I spoke with each of the US riders from their Ocala training camp before they left for Rio.  Here are some tidbits from our conversations. Phillip Dutton, who will be competing in his 6th Olympics (3 for Australia …

A Pep Talk from Bill Steinkraus

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I called Bill Steinkraus tonight in hopes of visiting him while I am at the NBC studios in Stamford, Connecticut, over the next few weeks covering the Olympics. When I was assigned to do my first Olympic Games commentary from Seoul Korea in 1988, Billy and Jim Simpson of NBC were my fellow broadcasters. I learned so much from those gentleman who …

Off to Rio!

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Do you know that to get all the Three Day, Dressage and Show Jumping horses down to Rio it will take 9 plane loads?  Horses will depart from England, Belgium and Miami, Florida.  The US Three Day horses took off early Saturday morning, July 30, from Miami. The US Dressage horses will leave from Belgium on Monday, August 1, and …

CHIO Aachen 2016

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Traveling to the Aachen horse show this year was a trip down memory lane. I last showed there 34 years ago in 1982 as a member of the US Team.  Aachen is indeed one of the most special venues in the world with the huge main stadium seating 40,000.  I am told that 350,000 spectators attend the show over its …

Barns and daffodils

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Barns and daffodils – two of my favorite things.  This is the “zoomed in” view from my desk window which makes it difficult to stay on task 🙂  Daffodils, harbingers of spring, abound all over Wildwood.

Born in the USA

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Nothing quite like a Bruce Springsteen concert 3 rows from the stage. Fantastic 3 ½ hour performance from Bruce, Patti and the entire E street band. Fabulous musicians and incredible energy throughout. It appeared none of them ever took even a water break. Don’t know how Bruce does it as we are the exact same age to the day and …

BBRRR in Germantown

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Getting 8 doxns dressed to go for a walk takes more time on cold winter mornings! We go an average of 2 miles per day through the pastures – pretty far for little canine dwarves.

Visiting Pearl Harbor

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Rainbows are everywhere and all day in Hawaii due to lots of intermittent showers preceded and followed by brilliant sunshine. Pearl Harbor was inspirational and moving . No purses, backpacks or any bags allowed inside visitor center. Cameras and credit cards only.

Having fun in Hawaii

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I gave a 2 day clinic on Oahu in both the northern and southern parts of the island .  The level of riding was very high and the students were  eager to learn. Everyone was so friendly and nice.The funniest part was the makeshift microphone ! You gotta do what you gotta do!