BBRRR in Germantown

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Getting 8 doxns dressed to go for a walk takes more time on cold winter mornings! We go an average of 2 miles per day through the pastures – pretty far for little canine dwarves.

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  1. Melanie, I bought my first horse from your mom back in the late 60’s. I would spend all day in the summers hanging out there. I remember seeing you around the barn when I was around 11 or 12 and was so envious. I wanted to be like you. My name at the time was Kathy Hippel and my horse was Fancy That. She was also a lesson horse that all the kids loved! I took riding back up in 2011 and continue to take lessons now. However, jumping at my age now seems a bit of a stretch. I have tried it but just can’t seem to get my confidence. I don’t currently own a horse but am riding at Trinity Farm in Lakeland, TN so I am still in the Shelby County area.

    What was the name of the horse you were riding back in the late 60’s? I thought it was Calypso but was told it couldn’t be that far back. Anyway, I am enjoy reading about and seeing your winning rides
    of the past. It is very nostalgic.

    Love the picture of your doxies. I have always had dachshunds my entire life, in fact, we have 3!

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